Kitten Policy

1. Kittens can only be reserved after deposit is received by breeder. (Please click to see How to reserve  page)

2. The outstanding balance will be paid prior or at the latest on the date of delivery of the kitten to the purchaser.

3. Your kitten will...

- Leave our cattery at the minimum age of 13 weeks, completely weaned, toilet trained and socialized with
   humans and other cats.

- Vaccinated twice, dewormed and health-checked by our veterinarian before they leave for a new home.

- Go to new home with samples of the food they have been raised, the kitten's favorite toys, and recommended    diet list.

- Go to their homes with registration paper from CCA (Canada Cat Association).

4. All our kittens will be early sterilized prior to placement.

5. The kitten is to remain indoor at all times.

6. Under no circumstances will this kitten be declawed.

7. Under no circumstances will this kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, animal shelter,
            laboratory or research facility.

8. The buyer further warrant that this kitten will be given all necessary veterinary care to maintain its health.

9. It is fully understood and acknowledged between both parties that no long-range guarantee can be offered
            to the varying condition in the kitten's new home environment.